Photo of the Week: SlightlyDodgy’s Heavily Customized 1989 Dodge Dakota

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slightlydodgy 89ish dakota 600

We feature a great many 1st generation Dodge Dakota pickups here on DodgeForum but few are quite like this one.  Owner and DF member SlightlyDodgy calls this his 1989ish Dakota due to the massive amount of work that has been done front to back and the result is a Dakota that is very likely the most purpose-built Dakota I have ever seen – and I love it.  This has got to be one of the meanest looking 1st gen Dakota pickups that I have ever seen.

The image above showing this modded up 1989 Dakota only offers us a look at the front end but based on the surroundings in the picture, you can tell that this is a serious offroading rig.  What we cannot see is that this Dakota features a unique custom made flatbed design that gives it the look of an offroad race truck with a diamond plate floor and tubular chassis.  There are images of this Dakota during the modification process and after – along with some shots of the unique flat bed – in this newer DF member’s gallery and you can check out the entire truck by clicking here.

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