Question of the Week: Will the Cummins powered Nissan Titan have any impact on the Ram?

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Nissan Motors announced recently that the next generation of their slow-selling Titan half ton pickup will feature a new Cummins V8 diesel engine.  This news angered some Mopar faithful who were shocked to hear that the folks from Cummins would sully their good name by climbing into bed with the likes of the Titan.  It also rubbed some Ram lovers the wrong way that Nissan stole Ram’s money-grubbing whore of a CEO Fred Diaz and then just happened to start working with Cummins – a connection undoubtedly made when Diaz was running the Ram brand.  However, while it is understandable why Mopar faithful would be annoyed with Nissan as they attempt to save their terrible truck program, we have to wonder if it will really make any difference and that brings us to our question of the week.

Will the new Cummins V8 diesel really help the Nissan Titan pose any threat to the oil burning Ram trucks?

Information on the Nissan Titan Cummins V8 is slim at this point but it is expected that this new mill will pack somewhere in the area of 300 horsepower and 500lb-ft of torque.  This will make the Nissan diesel V8 trucks more powerful than the new Ram 1500 EcoDiesel V6 but it will still fall well shy of the Cummins I6 used in the Ram 2500 and 3500 lineup while also posing only a minor advantage in torque over the Ram gasoline V8 engines.  It should also be noted that while the Ram EcoDiesel is smaller and less powerful than the Nissan 5.0L Cummins – Chrysler introduced that diesel as an efficiency engine and not a “big power” engine.

There is also the simple fact that even though Nissan will offer half ton Cummins quality – that power may not be sufficient to lead consumers away from the basic flaws with the Titan itself.

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