Scary Dodge Challenger Crash Almost Ends in Tragedy

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Dodge Challenger

Wet roads, sticky tires, and loads of power just don’t mix. This Dodge Challenger owner found that out the hard way.

Obviously, the great horsepower wars of the last decade are a great thing for us enthusiasts. Who could’ve imagined back in the ’80s and even the ’90s that today, we could buy a brand new, 700+ hp car right off the showroom floor? But having access to powerful rear-wheel drive cars can be both a blessing and a curse, as anyone who owns something like a Dodge Challenger already knows.

Dodge Challenger

While sticky tires, prodigious power, and rear-wheel drive are great on dry pavement, they aren’t much fun when the wet stuff starts falling. Almost instantly, you’ve got to adjust your driving significantly to avoid disaster. And sometimes, even that isn’t enough. Such is the fate that befell an unfortunate Dodge Challenger owner named Erick after leaving a Southern California car meet recently. But thankfully, this potentially tragic story has a happy ending.

Erick belongs to the Head Turners Car Club, a SoCal-based group chock full of awesome Mopars. He joined his fellow gearheads at the recent Spring Festival of Lx, a celebration of modern muscle cars. And once the show was over, he hit the road. But according to witnesses, wet roads caused him to lose control and spiral straight into a tree, which nearly split the car in half. The Dodge Challenger then burst into flames in what was a terrifying scene.

Dodge Challenger

Thankfully, Erick somehow escaped with only minor injuries. According to his family, he wasn’t pulling the typical “show off” exit from the meet and just simply lost control. Somehow he was even discharged from the hospital the same day, which is a testament to how tough these cars are. Not to mention some good Samaritans who rushed to help extract him from the burning Challenger.

If nothing else, let this potential tragedy serve as an important reminder. Take it easy on wet and potentially slippery roads!

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