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Truckin’ Fast Wednesday: A look back at the 2005 Dodge Ram SRT10

The Dodge Ram SRT10 has been out of production for years now but the Viper V10-powered half ton pickup still holds the record for being the fastest true production truck in the world.  GM can brag about their El Camino-like wannabe “trucks” but when it comes to a real truck with a real bed – […] More »

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Tire Shredding Tuesday: Dodge Ram SRT10 destroys tires in 3 minutes

The Dodge Ram SRT10 was and still is the fastest REAL production truck ever but in addition to being incredibly fast, the 500 horsepower V10 borrowed from the Dodge Viper makes this half ton pickup one incredible tire-shredding machine.  The video below is perhaps one of the best examples of just how well the Ram […] More »

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Truckin’ Fast Wednesdays: A Boosted, Sprayed Ram SRT10 Regular Cab in action

In the discussion of really fast pickup trucks there is no way to exclude the mighty Ram 1500 SRT10 and this week – we look at one of the fastest Ram SRT10 regular cab pickups in the world.  In the video, the claim is made that this is the fastest Ram SRT10 when it was […] More »

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#3 Top SRT’s: The Dodge Ram SRT10 Regular Cab

3. The Dodge Ram SRT10 Regular Cab stormed onto the scene with the help of the Dodge Viper’s powerful V10 engine mated to a 6-speed manual transmission and a rear wheel drive setup.  Thanks to the 510 horsepower and 535lb-ft of torque pounding the pavement, a refined aerodynamic design and a race tuned suspension setup, […] More »

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