Truckin’ Fast Wednesday: A look back at the 2005 Dodge Ram SRT10

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The Dodge Ram SRT10 has been out of production for years now but the Viper V10-powered half ton pickup still holds the record for being the fastest true production truck in the world.  GM can brag about their El Camino-like wannabe “trucks” but when it comes to a real truck with a real bed – the Ram SRT10 is the reigning king of all sport trucks.

This video below looks at the 2005 Dodge Ram SRT10 with the help of Motor Trend’s senior road test editor Chris Walton who looks at the various ins and outs of the V10 pickup with the support of a great many clips of the SRT10 storming down the quarter mile.  There isn’t anything in this video that we didn’t already know but it does a great job of highlighting the SRT10 Ram’s features while giving viewers a great chance to both see and hear the world’s fastest real pickup in action.

In addition to a bunch of drag strip passes from inside the truck and from different points along the track, this video also has a bunch of great angles showing the 500 horsepower Ram 1500 doing some nasty burnouts.  There is no question that the Ram SRT10 – even in stock form – is truckin’ fast.

Needless to say, you will want to have your speakers turned up to hear the commentary that accompanies the video along with being able to hear just how awesome the Viper V10 sounds in the Ram SRT10 in bone stock form.


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