Truckin’ Fast Wednesdays: A Boosted, Sprayed Ram SRT10 Regular Cab in action

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ram srt10 burnout 600

In the discussion of really fast pickup trucks there is no way to exclude the mighty Ram 1500 SRT10 and this week – we look at one of the fastest Ram SRT10 regular cab pickups in the world.  In the video, the claim is made that this is the fastest Ram SRT10 when it was posted more than two years ago but the discussion in the comments reveals that this truck is now running in the low 9 second range so this is very likely still the fastest Ram SRT10 in the world.  (Technically it would be the quickest based on drag strip runs as “fastest” generally refers to high speed trucks not drag trucks.)

This video shows baseline runs made at Speedworld Dragstrip in Arizona by a Ram 1500 SRT10 regular cab packing a Viper V10 engine modified with a massive turbocharged, a nitrous setup and a serious set of sticky rear tires.  Other modifications are unclear from this video but it definitely sounds like the standard 6-speed manual transmission has been swapped out for an automatic transmission – although that doesn’t make this video less impressive.

As you can see from the video, the driver of this Ram SRT10 is playing around with launch techniques – some of which don’t work very well – but on the better runs in this video the super quick Ram easily runs in the mid to high 10 second range.  The best trap speed (a great indicator of power) is 133.02mph while the best ET is 10.50…although the trouble on the starting line shows that this truck is capable of way more than mid 10s.  The comment that the truck is now sniffing the 8 second range doesn’t come as much surprise considering that the truck was running mid 10s two years ago with some obvious launch, tuning and suspension issues.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy this video of a turbocharged, nitrous injected Dodge Ram SRT10 regular car in action on the quarter mile!


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