Tech Thread Spotlight: 2nd Gen Ram Kegger Mod DIY

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The intake manifold found on the 5.2L and 5.9L Magnum V8 in the 2nd generation Dodge Ram pickup had a high, rounded top that earned it the nickname of the “Kegger intake”.  A popular modification that can be done with very little expense to gain a touch more higher end power from the 318 and 360 powered Ram trucks is the Kegger Mod, where you remove the intake manifold and alter the length of the internal runners through which the air flows.  No parts are needed and to perform the work you just need a Sawzall, a dremel tool and a bunch of pretty basic tools that anyone will to attempt this mod on their own will likely already have.

Tearing the top of your Ram’s V8 engine might be a bit intimidating but DF moderator Silver Dodge has put together a great pictorial DIY walking you through the kegger mod step by step while also pointing out important bits of information to help you get through the mod as smoothly as possible.  There are also 16 pages of discussion about the kegger mod with more information from the Ram owning members of the site.

Click here to check out the kegger mod DIY in our 2nd gen Ram section.

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