Truckin Fast Wednesday: Hemi Ram Breaks into the 11s

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tfw 11s hemi quad cab ram 600
Do you have a plan of attack when you head to Test ‘n’ Tune day at your local race track with your Hemi Ram? This guy sure did and while his truck looks relatively stock (and no mod list is included in the video description or comments), it is very clear that this big Ram 1500 has some serious work done to the 5.7L Hemi tucked under the hood.

In the brief description, the owner claims that this is the first Hemi-powered Ram Quad Cab to crack into 11 second range and while we don’t know that his claim is true, we know that this is one truckin’ fast 4-door Ram.

Check out this awesome 2006 Hemi Ram Quad Cab breaking into the high 11 second range at Dallas Raceway in Crandall Texas in the video below. Looking fairly stock, this almost sleeper rumbles loudly both at rest and at play. When do you think it sounds better? Turn up your speakers and decide for yourself!

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