Tech Thread Spotlight: 2nd Generation Dodge Ram Muffler Thread

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In the world of modifying as car, truck or SUV there are few modifications that are as simple, as inexpensive or as popular as swapping to an aftermarket muffler and for many Dodge Ram owners – a muffler swap is the first change made when a new project begins.  The only problem when picking a new muffler for your Ram is that there is a seemingly endless list of options with a massive span in pricing.  Fortunately, our 2nd gen Dodge Ram section has a great thread with a poll asking 2nd generation Ram owners what type of muffler they use and what they think of that choice.

Not surprisingly, a great many of our Dodge Ram owners have relied on more than one brand of muffler so this thread offers a great deal of insight into the various options so whether you want an inexpensive option with a little sound or a more expensive option that makes your truck roar like a race car – the 2nd gen Ram muffler thread runs through the long list of options.  Of course, the least expensive option of all is to go without mufflers altogether and that is also addressed by some of our members in the muffler thread!

Click here to head into our 2nd generation Dodge Ram section to check out the extensive muffler thread for yourself!

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