Tech Thread Spotlight: 3rd Gen Dodge Ram Power Steering Cooler DIY

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Last week, I headed out to my 2006 Dodge Ram Quad Cab one morning and I was greeted by a puddle of transmission fluid under the front bumper. My first thought was “holy %&#$ my transmission is leaking”, but upon further inspection I found that my power steering cooler had sprung a leak. Still a headache, but one that is very easy to fix with very basic tools and a part that cost me about $90. As I understand it, the 3rd gen Ram power steering cooler is prone to leaking and this is an easy enough job that even the most novice shade tree mechanic will be able to save themselves some money and fix it at home.

Whether you are experienced in working on your Ram or not, this DIY written up by DF member BobK is a fantastic aid in replacing the pesky cooler. He has included part numbers, step by step instructions and pictures of each step so changing your Ram truck’s power steering cooler is about one of the easiest repairs that you can do on your own. As an added note, I did not buy the Mopar piece and the off brand unit that I bought in a pinch didn’t come with bolts and the original bolts were destroyed in the removal process…so I would suggest the Mopar part or some other brand that includes the bolts.

Click here to head into the 3rd gen Ram section for a closer look at this awesome DIY.

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