Truckin Fast: Dodge Ram SRT10 RC Puts Down 1,365hp

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1365hp ram dyno 600

I usually try to make sure that our Truckin Fast Wednesday video shows a Ram, Dakota or Durango actually going fast, but this video of a Dodge Ram 1500 SRT10 making 1,365 wheel horsepower is just too much to pass up. The video is from 2009 so the record has likely been broken, but at the time that this video was published, it was claimed to be the most powerful single turbo SRT10 Ram in the world. Even if another truck has broken that record, it doesn’t diminish the sheer awesomeness of this dyno video.

What we know about this Dodge Ram 1500 SRT10 is that is packs a single turbo setup and judging by the sound of the lumpy idle, I would guess that this engine is entirely built from the ground up. Truthfully, to make 1,365 horsepower at the wheels, the engine has almost certainly been fully built and the results are a thing of beauty. This Ram is so loud under a hard load that the camera cant take the sound and it breaks up a little. Even after the run, as the Ram sits and idles on the dyno, it sounds better than most stock performance cars in the world.

You probably know of the term “dyno blast”? I think that it was coined after someone saw a vehicle like this Ram on the dyno so make sure that your speakers are cranked up and enjoy!

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