Tech Thread Spotlight: 4th Gen Ram Locking Tailgate Handle Install

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ram 2500 600

While all modern Ram pickups come with a standard locking tailgate, the early versions of the 4th generation Ram truck did not come with this handy option as standard equipment.  Fortunately, the components that now come standard on the 2013 and 204 Ram will fit on the earlier 4th gen Rams that did not have the locking tailgate so “older” Ram owners can enjoy the same sense of security for both their expensive tailgate and the contents tucked behind it.

As someone who has a Ram without a locking tailgate handle, it frequently crosses my mind that someone could just pop open my tailgate and either steal the tailgate or carry off the contents within but this locking tailgate handle DIY can provide an extra measure of convenience and security for Ram owners who have even moderate mechanical experience.  Also, you can spend an extra hundred bucks and buy the electronic components needed to have the tailgate lock and unlock with your Ram’s key fob – with a total price for the whole install of under $300 provided that you do everything correctly the first time.

Click here to head into the 4th gen Ram section to check out this 15 minute DIY for yourself!

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