Truckin Fast Wednesdays: Ram 3500 Beats Up a Ford Raptor – Power Wheels Style

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power wheels race 600

While you likely already noticed, the Ram and Ford trucks in the image above and the video arent real trucks – they are electric small scale children’s vehicles.  However considering that so many of the members here have kids and considering how awesome these two “toy” trucks are, this video seemed like a fitting feature here on DodgeForum.

This video pits a KidTrax 4th gen Ram 3500 Dually against a Power Wheels Ford SVT Raptor in a short race to see which new toy truck is the quickest.  Not surprisingly, the toy torque monster Ram puts a sound beating to the toy Raptor F150 and in my opinion, the Ram 3500 dually looks a whole lot cooler as well.  This video shows that a parent who wants their kid to have the quickest scale model electric truck should probably opt for the KidTrax Ram 3500 and best of all, KidTrax also makes a Viper so a brand loyalist can put his little racer in a Ram for offroad fun and a Viper for on-road driving.

The video is a little “cutesy” for my taste with the volume turned up but it is still a pretty cool video of toy sized Ram beating up on a toy sized Ford.  Enjoy!


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