Tech Thread Spotlight: How to Clean Your Throttle Body

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Many people are too quick to run to their mechanic or dealership at the first sign of even the simplest trouble but there is a good chance that many of those people don’t realize how easy it would be to fix their problems on their own.  At the same time, many drivers on the road today don’t realize that their engine is like anything else and it needs to be cleaned from time to time.  One such easy fix that anyone with some time and a basic tool set can perform on their own is cleaning their throttle body and today’s feature piece looks at how to clean the throttle body of a 2nd generation Ram.

The throttle body is the part of the engine that takes in air for combustion that is later mixed with gasoline.  A dirty throttle body can cause a variety of issues ranging from a loss in power to drivability issues but this is one of the easiest problems to address under the hood.  DF member Ramman18 put together a great step by step do-it-yourself post on how to remove and clean your throttle body with just a few tools, a can of carb cleaner and a tin of Copenhagen – although the tobacco is completely optional.

While this DIY applies specifically to a 1999 Ram 1500 with a 318 cubic inch V8, the process of removing and cleaning the throttle body is fairly uniform across most vehicles and this write up shows just how easily a driver can get a few ponies back in an older engine with just a little elbow grease.
Click here for more on how to remove and clean your throttle body.

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