Tech Thread Spotlight: Installing a Cargo Net in Your 3g Durango

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The 3rd generation Dodge Durango has a huge cargo bay that can fit all sorts of items, but the lack of proper cargo net attachments can send your items falling into the street, parking lot or driveway when you pop the hatch. I have tested several 3rd gen Durango models and when using the remote rear door opener feature, I ran into at least two situations where my cargo has shifted against the back door so when I opened the hatch, something fell out.

Fortunately we have a fix right here on DF thanks to Durango owner norge. He put together a great DIY showing and explaining how to install hooks that will allow you to hang a cargo net in a way that will prevent anything from falling out of the back when the hatch swings up. Best of all, as the picture above shows, the result is something that looks like it came equipped from the factory.

Interestingly, to perform this specific Durango DIY project, you will need to order parts from a Toyota 4Runner. Norge used the rear cargo net hooks from the Japanese SUV and simply mounted them in his Durango and since they are from a Japanese vehicle, the parts were super cheap!

Click here to head into the 3rd gen Durango section for a closer look at this DIY!

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