Truckin’ Fast: Sublime Green Cummins Ram Rocks the Quarter Mile

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green ctd ram 600
This week’s Truckin Fast Wednesday clip features a 2nd gen Dodge Ram that obviously has some serious work done that allows it to cruise through the quarter mile in the mid 11 second range with trap speeds around 114 miles per hour. While there is a little smoke from the huge exhaust stack that could get this Ram on DF in our Black Friday segment, there isnt all that much soot so I opted to run it for the Truckin’ Fast quality – of which it has a great deal.
This Cummins Ram makes a bunch of quarter mile passes in this video, both bracket racing against other diesel pickups and heads up racing against some other vehicles – like a C6 Corvette. We don’t get to see the ET and trap speed on every run, but on the runs in which we do see this Ram truck’s top end numbers, they are consistently in the 11.50 range at roughly 114 miles per hour. Not only is it Truckin Fast – but this Ram is also dead consistent so it must be a real monster on bracket racing night at the local dragstrip.

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