Tech Thread Spotlight: Installing a Flat Load Floor in Your 4g Ram Crew Cab

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4g flat load floor ram diy 600

As the owner of a 3rd gen Ram 1500 Quad Cab with the folding flat load floor I can testify that this is a handy feature whether you are moving big objects like a new television or smaller things like groceries.  The flat load floor also allows me to put down some blankets where my dog can lay out without me having to worry about her sliding off of the leather seats when I come to a stop.  The flat load floor is a great feature but it has traditionally only been offered on Quad Cab Rams and not Crew Cab models.

Fortunately, DF member BubbaRadioNetwork found that you can install the same flat load floor components into a Ram Crew Cab without any real fuss and to show how easy the install is – he put together a great pictorial DIY.  This thread walks you through the entire process of mounting the Quad Cab load floor in the Crew Cab Ram including the part numbers on the components needed to perform this modification.

Click here to check out the step by step procedure of how to install the quad cab flat load floor in your 4th generation Ram Crew Cab!

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