Cool Thread of the Day: 4th Gen Ram Recall and RRT Thread

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2014 Ram 1500 Mossy Oak Edition

Do you have a 2010 or newer Dodge Ram pickup and you have wondered about recalls, technical service bulletins (TSB) or rapid response transmittals (RRT) for your truck?  Perhaps you have  questions about a specific recall or RRT that was issued for your Ram and you want to ask the forum rather than talking to a service department hack who is trying to sell you something?  We have a thread for you in our 4th generation Ram pickup section.

While there are a variety of sources for recall, TSB and RRT information for your Ram including the dealership, the Chrysler Group customer service phone number or the US government official recall website – much of that information can be had right here on DodgeForum without the headache of sorting through a government website, sitting on hold as you wait for the next available representative or facing a dealership service writer who is going to try to sell you a tire rotation in the process of answering your questions.  Our 4th gen Ram recalls and RRTs thread not only lists information on these various concerns but it also allows members a chance to ask fellow owners about their experiences with these issues.  Whether you are hoping to ask a question or you simply want to read through other 2010 and newer Ram owner questions, this is a good thread to keep bookmarked for future reference.

Click here to check out the 4th gen Ram truck recall and RRT thread.

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