Tech Thread Spotlight: Installing HIDs in your 4th Gen Ram

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nate769 hid diy 600

Do you spend a lot of time driving at night and because of that, you want your Ram pickup to have lights bright enough that you can be spotted driving from space?  Do you hate other drivers on the road simply because they exist so you want headlights that blind them just with your low beams?  If so, a good set of HID headlights are probably in your future and we have a thread in our 4th generation Ram truck section that details how to install these ultra bright headlights on your own.

DF member Nate769 put together a great DIY thread in the 4th gen Ram section when he added HIDs to his 2011 Ram 1500 Sport (shown above).  In his DIY, he walks you through each step of getting the headlight housings off of the truck including removing the grille and the cooling shroud along with explaining the basic steps of connecting the HID units as you install them.  In the long run, most decent HID kits will include detailed installation instructions but if you are planning to install your own HIDs in your 4th gen Ram – there is no better guide than that written by an actual Ram owner who is doing the work on his own.

Click here to check out the 4th gen Ram HID installation DIY!

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