Truckin Fast Wednesday: Two Classic Dodge Rams Throw Down on the Quarter Mile

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tfw classic dodge trucks race 600

This week’s Truckin Fast Wednesday feature offers not one but two classic Dodge Ram pickups racing down the quarter mile.  Judging by the announcer, I would guess that this drag racing is taking place somewhere outside of the United States so there is a good chance that these two Rams are especially unusual wherever this race took place but they both do a great job of representing fast moving Dodge trucks all around the world.

In the near lane we have a 1977 Dodge Ram Stepside powered by a 440 cubic inch big block V8 while the truck in the far lane appears to be a 1979 Dodge Ram Lil Red Express which the video information suggests is powered by an 8.0L V10.  We don’t know whether this is a V10 out of a Ram or a Viper but considering that this V10 powered first gen Ram runs mid 15s – I would guess that it is a truck motor.  As for the 440 powered Ram in the near lane, there is no question that the big block has been tinkered with a bit as with an ET of 12.74, it is one seriously quick old school Dodge truck.

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