Tire Shredding Tuesday: Jeg’s Dodge Avenger Scuffs Tires Like a Boss

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coughlin tire scuff 600

There are few types of cars in the world which will destroy a set of huge tires like an NHRA drag car and this week’s Tire Shredding Tuesday watches Jeg Coughlin in his Dodge Avenger Pro Stock race car as he “scuffs” a set of tires for future use.  For those unfamiliar with scuffing tires, this is what many racers do with all of their tires so that when they hit the track – be it the NASCAR oval or the straight quarter mile – they arent on brand new tires.  Scuffing allows the teams to remove he smooth outer layer of rubber and that usually translates to better traction than trying to put all of that power to the ground on brand spankin’ new tires.

While I was aware that NHRA team like Jeg’s Avenger Pro Stock team did scuff tires ahead of the actual racing, I never pictured the process being quite so cool.  It appears that both of the doors have been removed to that a team member could stand on each side of the Jeg’s sponsored Dodge Avenger and literally hold it in place as Coughlin puts a serious smoking to the rear skins.  After about 10 seconds of a healthy burnout, the crewmembers step away from the car as Jeg continues down the track with the tire smoldering.  It might look crazy to have these guys stand there and hold a 6 second drag car in place but it also makes this one of the coolest burnout videos Ive seen.  Enjoy!

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