Tech Thread Spotlight: How to Remove Air from Your Ram Cooling System

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2g ram lowered

Have you recently filled the coolant in your Ram truck and although it is seemingly full, the truck continues to run hot.  There could be an underlying issue causing your overheating but one very common issue that can make a Ram or any other water-cooled vehicle in existence to run hot is air trapped in the cooling system.  Fortunately, this problem can be solved by “burping” your cooling system in much the same way that you would burp a gassy child.

Ok – so maybe clearing air out of the cooling system of your Dodge Ram pickup isnt quite similar to burping a child whose stewed carrots arent sitting well but anyone can remove the air from their cooling system without any tools at all.  DodgeForum administrator HammerZ71 put together a nice, neat and simple DIY how to remove the air from the cooling system of the second generation Ram truck but this can apply to almost any vehicle sold in America.  All you need is some water, some coolant and some spare time and you can take the easiest step to solving your Ram’s overheating issue free of charge.

Click here to learn how to burp the cooling system in your Dodge Ram.

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