Tech Thread Spotlight: Tips on Changing Your 3g Dodge Ram Shocks

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2006 ram qc 600

Have you been told that the front shocks on your 3rd generation Dodge Ram 1500 need to be changed?  If so, you likely shuddered when you heard how much it will cost to install new shocks but fortunately, the 3g Ram 1500 front shocks are easy to change with only some basic tools and a ramp.  DF member 08HEMI1500 asked the 3rd gen tech forum for some pointers on swapping his shocks and while the reply didn’t technically result in one of our DIY threads – there is great information here for anyone looking to do the job at home.

So if you have a 3rd gen Dodge Ram 1500 (rear wheel drive) and you are either looking for some pointers on how to change your own front shocks or you are looking to share pointers after having done the job yourself, this thread is one that you should check out.  Hopefully I will be changing my own front shocks in the near future, at which point we will have a full DIT but in the meantime – click here for some great info on how to change your Ram truck’s front shocks.

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