The Dodge Grand Caravan is safe!

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2012 dodge grand caravan.jpgOver a year ago, Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne stated at
the Detroit Auto Show that one of the two existing Chrysler minivans would be
killed off in an effort to remove redundancy among the brands.  Since the Chrysler Town & Country and
Dodge Grand Caravan are nearly identical in every way, one of them is being
removed and considering that the sales of the two are similar and the Town
& Country demands a higher purchase price – many expected that the Dodge
would get the axe. 

However, based on comments made by Marchionne recently
during an interview with Automobile Magazine, the Chrysler boss confirmed that
it is indeed the Chrysler Town & Country will be the minivan meeting its
demise in 2014.  This year, the Dodge
Grand Caravan has been the better seller through the first five months by some
10,000 units and combined with the fact that the Caravan name literally
launched the minivan segment – it doesn’t come as huge shock that the Fiat-run
Chrysler Group will spare the Grand Caravan while killing off the Town &

Chrysler expects to replace the slot in their brand lineup
currently held by the Town & Country minivan with a new crossover that will
likely offer similar seating and cargo capacities to the T&C minivan but
with a look unique to this new CUV.  We
can expect the new Chrysler crossover to be lean more towards the minivan end
of the design spectrum – possibly including a higher ride and four wheel drive
systems to make this vehicle more capable than the outgoing minivan.

Production of the Chrysler Town & Country will
continue through the middle of the 2014 calendar year but after that,
the Dodge Grand Caravan will be the only minivan in the Chrysler Group

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