Tire Shredding: 8yo Girl Does a Burnout in Her Brother’s Ram

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8yo burnout 600

You read the title right – today’s Tire Shredding Tuesday clip features an 8 year old girl doing a burnout in her big brother’s 2nd gen Dodge Ram while her dad films the fun. The video starts off with the young lady playing in a playground, but when she gets bored she comes over to tell her dad that she wants to show him a trick that she learned. She walks down to the parking lot, gets in the 2g Ram, waits patiently while another car pulls into the parking lot to drop some people off and then roasts the rear tires for a few seconds before running back up to her dad.

Now, there is a possibility that there is someone else in the cab of this Ram so when the little girl jumps in, she moves over and lets someone else do the burnout – but what fun is that? The car guy in me wants t0 believe that this 8 year old girl is indeed the person with her foot on the Ram’s gas pedal as the rear tires scrub off a few layers and create a little smoke.

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