Truckin Fast: Rough Truck Race Ready Ram Soars

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backdraft ram 600

We have featured quite a few Tuff Truck/Rough Truck videos here on DodgeForum and the vast majority of them are relatively stock trucks that are being beaten to death as they race through the dirt but today’s Truckin Fast segment features a purpose built Dodge Ram showing how it is done. While some of the other Dodge trucks we have seen racing on the Tuff/Rough Truck course are more of a circus act with the crowd cheering as parts fly off on the jump landings, this Ram handles the jumps and bumps better than anything I’ve seen.

In the world of Rough Truck, this custom Dodge Ram is an incredible performer with a serious suspension package that allows for plenty of wheel travel and front fenders that have been trimmed to let those tires swing freely. As the Ram passes the camera on the close straight, we can see that the bed has been stripped down and lightened up – all of which helps this 2nd gen Ram soar through the rugged race track.

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