Tire Shredding Tuesday: 2013 SRT Viper Does a Burnout Surrounded by Stupid People

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This week’s Tire Shredding Tuesday takes a look at a brand spankin’ new 2013 SRT Viper taking part in a “burnout show”.  According to the information provided, this burnout show is held by a local Chrysler Group dealership and the Viper in action is a new stock vehicle (which I sincerely hope wasn’t sold as new after this gigantic burnout).  The burnout is long and impressive – as you would expect any burnout done by a 640hp SRT Viper to be – but the folks involved with this show just might be the dumbest people Ive seen in the automotive world this week.

During the course of this long, long 2013 SRT Viper burnout, there is a guy standing on the passenger’s side of the new supercar with a garden hose, spraying water onto the right rear wheel.  I can understand why a tired old Chevy truck with single traction might need a steady stream of water applied to the right rear wheel to keep the tire spinning but there is absolutely no need to keep hosing down the Viper’s right rear tire to help it smoke the tires.  When doing a burnout where one tire is kept wet, there is a chance that the other tire can get hot enough to grip and with the other tire soaked down and unable to catch traction, suddenly getting grip with one tire would hurdle the car in the opposite direction.  In other words, keeping the right rear tire wet could cause the Viper’s left rear tire to bite and send it quickly towards the right side of the car.  I have seen it happen with deadly results.

In addition to the stupidity of watering down one of the two SRT Viper coupe’s rear tires, at one point a guy walks up along the driver’s side and instructs the Viper to pull forward…and he does not.  He continues to smoke the tires until the guy with the hose drops it on the ground which then sprays water all over the car.  The guy who had the hose then steps in and removes a wheel chock from the front tire as to let the Viper drive away.  More stupidity.

While the people involved in this burnout show are clearly a real crew of morons, this 2013 SRT Viper does an incredible burnout and that makes it worthy of being featured here on DodgeForum!  Unfortunately, the cameraman is too far from the car to get any good sound but the visuals of this burnout are more than enough to enjoy.

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