Truckin Fast Wednesday: 1g Dodge Durango Hits the Tuff Truck Course

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tuff truck 1g durango 600

If you have never heard of tuff truck racing, it is a form of racing where people race trucks and SUVs around a tight motocross track and this week’s Truckin Fast Wednesday clip features a 1st generation Dodge Durango partaking in a tuff truck race.  There are tons of tuff truck races on YouTube and in many of them, they show trucks or SUVs that have obviously been modified for this exact purpose but the Durango in the video below appears to be pretty much stock – right down to the wheels and tires.

I am not sure if this Durango turns in a good lap time around the high flying tuff truck track but judging by the track announcer pointing out the fact that parts were falling off during the run, I would guess that this Durango took a bit of a beating during the run.  Even with that in mind, there is no denying that watching a stock Durango racing around a motocross track complete with some pretty big jumps is incredibly entertaining to watch.  Make sure that your speakers are turned up so that you can hear this Durango roar (?) around the track – along with catching the humorous comments from the track announcer.

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