Cool Thread of the Day: Turn Your Ram Into the Ultimate Snowmobile

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Do you love snowmobiling and generally raising hell in the deep snow but you don’t like having to deal with all of the cold air and snow in your face?  You are in luck as there is a company now offering a product that can literally convert your Ram pickup into the ultimate snowmobile in just a few minutes.  DF member PilotHouse2500 came across a video for the new snow driving product Track N Go which is a set of drive-on components that gives your Ram the same surefootedness as a snowmobile – times four.

While the initial poster in this thread included a video of a Chevy Silverado wearing the unique track setup, there is also a video later on in the thread showing a 4th gen Ram wearing the Track N Go system as it performs some mighty impressive feats.  Along with just speeding through deep snow in a big open area, the Ram video shows this tracked up Dodge hitting a wall of snow that is up to the grille even with the extended height of the Track N Go system so based on what we see in these two videos – trucks equipped with this system should be just about unstoppable in even the deepest snow. The only bad news is that the Track N Go system retails for $25,000 so it is certainly not the ideal gift for the novice offroader but for those who can afford that kind of toy – it has to be an awesome experience to blast through the snow in the comfort of your Ram pickup.

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