Tire Shredding Tuesday: Viper Does a Nasty Burnout – Almost Hits a Caprice

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viper tst burnout nl 600

This week’s tire shredding Tuesday looks at a first generation Dodge Viper RT10 Roadster somewhere in the Netherlands doing a big, nasty burnout at what looks to be a pretty significant car show.  The video starts by showing this bright red Viper roadster sliding sideways as the driver destroys the rear tires before getting off of the throttle and heading into a very tight tunnel.  This early portion of the Viper burnout video also shows that forcing Viper owners to put a front plate on the American supercar – especially in the middle of the nose – should be prohibited under some sort of global law.

After this Viper does the huge burnout before the tunnel, he creeps through the tight passage before hammering the throttle as he comes out the other side.  This second burnout gets to be a little overzealous and the driver is forced to slam on the brakes to avoid slamming into what looks like a mid 1980s Chevrolet Caprice or Impala – tires screeching as the Viper slid to a stop.  Best of all, to show that he was undaunted by this close call, the Viper owner did one more quick burnout before the video comes to an end.


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