Tire Shredding Tuesdays: Turbo K car punishes the front tires

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turbo k car burnout 600

The Chrysler “K Car” is one of the least respected vehicles in the company’s storied history- even though many in the auto industry credit the long list of cars that rode on some version of the Chrysler K Platform with saving the company in the 1980s.  The biggest reason for the K Cars being so disrespected by the enthusiast community is the brutal lack of performance that was associated with so many of the models that sported the “K” designation. But we shouldn’t be so quick to forget that the K Car era also brought about the early “turbo Dodge” era.

Our Tire Shredding Tuesday video this week features a Dodge Aries K Coupe from the late 1980s packing a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that appears to make vastly more than the 82 horsepower offered by my old 1983 Aries Coupe. Even though the driver has to rely on a parking lot speed bump to provide a little extra resistance to get the tires spinning, once the turbo is spooled up and the tires begin to spin this Aries puts on one hell of a smoke show.

Unfortunately, the camera cuts off rather quickly so we don’t get to see the full extent of this impressive K Car burnout but the few seconds that we do see of this silver Aries smoldering the front tires allows it to serve as a fitting feature vehicle for Tire Shredding Tuesday. Enjoy!

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