Truckin Fast Wednesday: Quick Hoonage in a Dodge Rampage

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rampage drifting 600

While the Dodge Rampage is a very different vehicle from today’s Ram or Dakota pickups, the tough little Rampage is technically a truck.  It has a cab and a bed so while it is a front wheel drive, 4-cylinder powered vehicle that is based on the Dodge Omni – it is still a Dodge pickup so it fits into our simple criteria for Truckin Fast Wednesday.  We have featured a Rampage once before and while that clip looked at this compact pickup on action on the quarter mile, this week’s Rampage action is a quick clip of what the kids might call drifting.

It is hard to tell if this Dodge Rampage is actually all that Truckin fast but the driver wields the little truck like a high performance drift car – speeding past the camera before pulling the e-brake, whipping the rear end around and smoking the tires as he headed back in the direction from whence he came.  This little Rampage does a 180 like a champ, which is especially impressive when you consider the fact that it has over 305,000 miles on it.  I also appreciate the fact that the video description explains that this Dodge truck owner is “not tryin to be cool, just havin fun in the middle of nowhere.”  Enjoy!

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