Cool Thread of the Day: 2g Dodge Dakota V6 to V8 Swap

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varsis engine swap 600

V8 powered trucks like the Dodge Dakota generally demand a higher price than V6 models but with an abundance of V8 engines in salvage yards around the country – swapping the stock V6 for a more powerful V8 is a great solution for those V6 Dakota owners looking for a project.  DF member varsis went through this swap a while back and he took step by step pictures of the process from beginning to the end and while this thread has a great deal of technical information, it is a project log more than a DIY which is why it’s a “cool thread” rather than a “tech thread spotlight” piece.

In addition to varsis providing step by step notes and images of his V6 to V8 Dodge Dakota swap, he offers information on challenges that he came to while performing the swap.  Over time, this thread had others posting questions about doing the swap on their own so while this isnt in our Tech Thread Spotlight, this piece has a ton of great information for those looking to get more power out of their V6 Dakota.

Click here to check out varsis’ V8 Dodge Dakota swap thread.

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