Truckin Fast Wednesdays: 1g Dodge Durango Outruns Blown Ford F150

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durango races lightning 600

The Ford SVT F150 Lightning is one of the quickest pickup trucks ever but the Lightning in this week’s Truckin Fast Wednesday feature doesn’t have what it takes to keep up with the 1st generation Dodge Durango on the quarter mile.  The Lightning gets out to an early lead but as the two vehicles blow past the cameraman, you can see that the Durango is quickly pulling even with the supercharged pickup and by the end of the race – the Durango had pulled ahead to take the win.

We don’t know what is done to the white Dodge Durango shown here beating the Ford Lightning F150 but the discussion in the comment section indicates that this Durango has an extensive engine build including cylinder heads, a new camshaft, a performance intake manifold and long tube headers.  I would guess that this Durango is also tuned to make those components work together along with some other items that are likely fitted to this rig to get it down the track so quickly such as a transmission build and a set of good sticky tires.  Then again, considering how poorly this Durango gets off of the line, perhaps it doesn’t have as good of a set of tires as is needed.  In the end, this Durango runs an impressive 13.04 at 104.6 miles per hour and while we don’t get to see what the supercharged F150 in the far lane ran – we know that it wasn’t enough to beat this speedy sport ute.

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