Tech Thread Spotlight: Improve Your 3g Dodge Ram Heat Output

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3g ram recirc door 600

Do you have a 3rd generation Dodge Ram pickup with a heating system that sounds like it is blowing very hard while not producing much warming air through the various vents?  If so , you arent alone as a great many 3g Ram pickups have a problem with the HVAC recirculation door (shown above) that can cause vastly decreased performance by both your heating system in the winter and your air conditioning system in the summer.   The dealership will charge you hundreds of dollars in labor to fix this problem because they have to remove the dash but the problem can be fixed without removing the dash – and we have a great DIY article here on DodgeForum that can walk you through the process of repairing the recirculation door.

To repair the recirculation door in your 3g Dodge Ram, all you need is some basic tools, a $50 part from your local dealership and a half hour – according to DF member IamFrank.  In addition to step by step directions of how to access, remove and replace the troublesome door, this DIY includes images showing each major step, tips on how to make this job as easy as possible and even the part number for what you need to remedy your Ram’s weak air flow problems.

Even if your 3rd generation Dodge Ram doesn’t have any HVAC problems, you should probably bookmark this thread as there is a better chance than not that you will need this DIY sooner or later and fixing your Ram yourself can save you hundreds.  Click here to check out the thread!

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