Truckin Fast Wednesdays: Bottled Hemi Ram Rips Down the Quarter Mile

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bottled hemi truckin fast 60

This week’s Truckin’ Fast Wednesday video takes a look at an early 3rd gen Dodge Ram 1500 short cab/long bed pickup powered by the 5.7L Hemi in action on the quarter mile against what appears to be a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle.  In many circumstances, we wouldn’t expect too much from the Ram in this race but at roughly the 10 second mark, the blast of nitrous oxide that bursts from behind the cowl is a clear indication that this Ram is in it to win it.

Not only does the 3rd gen Ram 1500 in this video have some extra power but it can also make good use of it as the Ram quickly jumps out to a big lead right as the light turns green.  From there on out, it is all Ram as this pickup – with a tool box mounted in the bed – rips through the quarter mile in just 12.49 seconds with a trap speed of 108.07 miles per hour.  We don’t get to see what the Chevelle in the right lane runs but it is clear that it runs nowhere near the mid 12 second time turned in by the Hemi powered Ram.

The Ram 1500 in the video sounds great so be sure to crank up your speakers and enjoy this video of a Ram 1500 beating up a classic Chevy muscle car.


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