Truckin’ Fast Wednesdays: Dakota R/T abuses Trailblazer SS

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tbss dakota drag race 600

The Dodge Dakota has come to an end but today, we look at one of the sportiest of the midsized picksup in this Trucking Fast Wednesday feature showing a 2nd gen Dakota R/T short cab tearing up a Chevy Trailblazer SS in the quarter mile.

We don’t have any specs on the 2g Dakota in the video below but there is no question that it has a handful of modifications to run the numbers that it does.  It looks like the Trailblazer SS in the video (that the track announcer first mistakes for a Jeep) actually gets off of the line a little better so this might be an all wheel drive TBSS but it also appears to be stock considering that it barely cracks into the 13 second range.

The Trailblazer runs a 13.98 at 99 miles per hour which is a pretty impressive time for a roomy sport utility vehicle but it wasn’t enough to keep up with the Dodge Dakota R/T roaring down the quarter mile with an ET of 12.49 and a trap speed of 107 miles per hour.  The video is a little blurry at the end but you can clearly see the Dakota’s board light up first while the track announcer clearly states the ETs and speeds of these two unconventional racers.

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