Truckin Fast Wednesdays: Ram SRT10 Drag Racing-a-Plenty

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The Dodge Ram SRT10 was without question one of the coolest pickup trucks of all time.  While we frequently feature the Viper powered Ram 1500 for our Truckin Fast Wednesday segment – this week’s video is special.  It is not just one Ram SRT10 roaring down the quarter mile but instead, it is a longer video featuring a bunch of different V10 pickups in action ranging from what appears to be fully stock trucks to obviously modded Rams.

After the first minute or so of plugs for various businesses and websites, the videographer spends some time walking around the trucks about to take to the track before opening with a Ram versus Ram battle.  The video continues this way throughout with garage area and staging lane clips of the trucks at rest of being worked on followed by quarter mile runs against other Ram SRT10 pickups and some other Dodge products including a Magnum and a newer Charger R/T.  My personal favorite truck in this video is the Ram RCSB (shown above) that has some work done to bang through the gears to the tune of the 11.70 range.

Best of all, the video ends with the super quick red Ram SRT10 RCSB in action against a Ford SVT Lightning F150 that amounts to a serious beating for the blown Ford.  The music is a bit on the lame side but the video footage is worth the watch so grab a drink and a snack…turn up your speakers to hear the trucks in action and enjoy!


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