Truckin Fast Wednesdays: Sam Hubinette Drifts a Ram HD

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hubinette drifts ram hd 600

While the Ram Heavy Duty in action in this week’s Truckin Fast Wednesday feature isnt all that fast – the drifting action courtesy of Mr Samuel Hubinette is too good to pass up.  For those who arent familiar with Hubinette, he spent quite a few years behind a varierty of Chrysler factory backed drift race cars including a Dodge Charger, a Dodge Challenger and a Dodge Viper but in this video, he is behind the wheel of a heavily decorated Ram Heavy Duty.

This short clip shows a Ram HD that I believe could be Hubinette’s tow vehicle for one of his similarly decorated Dodge drift cars out drifting around in the snow with the greatest of ease.  Of course, the fact that the surface is slick allows this Ram heavy duty pickup to provide such great drifting footage but that doesn’t make this video any less entertaining.  There is a good chance that all of us have done a few snow donuts in our Ram at least once in our driving life but none of us do it as well as Sam Hubinette.  Enjoy!

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