Cool Thread Spotlight How to Really Get Better MPGs – and Why

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2013 Ram 1500 Black Express

While the vast majority of the Mopar lovers on are more interested in making their Dodge or Ram vehicle more powerful than they are getting better fuel economy, the high price of gasoline puts MPGs in the back of everyone’s mind.  Because of that, we see plenty of discussions about how adding headers or a cold air intake setup or a good engine tune will get better fuel economy while also allowing the engine to make more power.  While those methods can make a drivetrain slightly more efficient, power adders are really the least effective method of making your Dodge or Ram more fuel friendly.

This post is a bit on the wordy side but it goes into incredible detail as to how to get better fuel economy from your Dodge or Ram vehicle and the poster HankL literally explains how the different methods work.  Hank explains how and why certain aspects of an engine make it more efficient before moving onto a discussion about gearing and how to optimize your Dodge or Ram fuel economy through different rear end gear ratios.  This post doesn’t exactly explain how to get better fuel economy but it explains the math behind the techniques used by automakers to get the best MPGs possible.

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