Truckin’ Fast Wednesdays: 2009 Ram 1500 Hemi sounds fast, is fast

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12 second ram versus vw

Sure, the fact that this video was shot at night prevents us from getting a very good look at the truck in action here but from the description, we know that it is a 2009 Ram 1500 powered by a 5.7L Hemi.  We don’t know what all is done to this truck but from how great it sounds – we know that it at least has some serious exhaust works.  Also, based on the fact that this Ram roars through the quarter mile in 12.5 seconds at 107 miles per hour shows that this is far from a stock 1500.

Also, while the nighttime shooting prevents us from getting a good look at the 2009 Ram in question – there is no question that it is cool to see the bright fog lights shine through the burnout smoke as the truck stages.  That and the fact that this big Ram pummels what looks to be a VW on the dragstrip, this piece is deserving of being included in Trucking Fast Wednesday.

Enjoy…and make sure that your speakers are cranked up!


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