Vote for the Chrysler UConnect system, help Ma Mopar win an award!

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The folks at AOL Autos are currently conducting their 2012 Technology of the Year award and among the six finals is the Chrysler UConnect infotainment/connectivity system. As a final step of the award process, the group is accepting votes online for the award so you can help Ma Mopar and the Chrysler Group win this title by heading over to the AOL Autos website and casting your vote for the UConnect system. (Shown above is the massive infotainment touch screen that controls the UConnect feature in the 2013 SRT Viper.)


The AOL Autos 2012 Technology of the Year award is broken up into three categories but there is only one winner.  Those three categories are Telematics, Connectivity and Active Safety with two finalists in each group.  The Chrysler UConnect system is in the Connectivity category along with Ford’s MyFord Mobile.  The Telematics group is comprised of Audi Connect and the Cadillac CUE system while the Active Safety category is filled by the Nissan Tire Pressure Alert system and the new Honda LaneWatch.


Voting for the Chrysler UConnect system is literally as easy as going to the AOL Autos site and clicking a virtual button. If everyone who reads this article clicks this link and votes for the Chrysler UConnect system, we can make a major impact on the voting process – helping the brands that we are all so passionate about win another award in the automotive sector!


Yes, this might be a bit of a shameless endorsement but considering that we are all on this site due to a love of the Dodge and Ram brands, this should be something that we all jump to do in order to help Ma Mopar! Also, those of you who are active on social networks, share this link with your Mopar buddies and encourage them to also vote for the Chrysler system. In the long run, it would be great to see Chrysler beat Cadillac, Audi, Nissan,
Honda and Ford in a high tech contest like this one.  The winner will be announced on January 9th at the Consumer Electronics Show. So, in case you have not already, click here to head to the AOL Autos voting page to vote for the Chrysler UConnect system!


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