Demon Owner Unpacks High Performance Crate

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This is everything needed to help Dodge Demon #310 set quarter-mile records.

The 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is a wicked machine in factory-stock form, with a supercharged Hemi that delivers 808 horsepower and the ability to run in the high 9-second range. However, to get the full potential of the newest supercharged Dodge muscle car, owners need to buy the Demon crate for $1.

The video above was posted by the Demonology  on YouTube, and it shows a Demon buyer named Samuel Beagles unpacking the crate for car number 0310.This ornate box is filled with everything needed to get the most out of the most powerful American production car ever and the video above walks us through the step-by-step process of unpacking the Demon crate.

Crate Arrival

The crate for the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon costs buyers $1 (literally – one dollar) and owners apply for the delivery of their box of high performance components once they have received their new Mopar muscle car. In speaking with a handful of Demon buyers, we have learned that it typically takes two to three weeks for the crate to arrive, giving owners some time to experience the car with “only” 808 horsepower while also providing plenty of time to get through the 500-mile break-in period.

Demon Crate in Box

When the Demon crate arrives, the 300-pound package is lifted off of the truck by a forklift, looking like an average cardboard box on a shipping palate, but inside that run-of-the-mill box are the keys to unlocking the quickest and most powerful American production car ever.


As soon as he gets the lid of the cardboard box off, we can see the serial plate on the lid with the owner’s name, the car’s serial number and the VIN number. Once he removes the cardboard around the outside, we get a clear look at the ornate high performance container.

Demon Crate Closed

Once the lid of the crate is opened, we can immediately see the skinny front-runner wheels, the Demon-branded floor jack and the case for the torque wrench, all of which are sitting in the foam trunk liner that holds all of the crate items nearly on a trip to the track. As he lifts the wheels, the jack and the other items in the foam out of the crate, we can see that there is plenty of room for the wheels with the skinny front tires mounted.

Demon Crate Lid Up

Also in this top portion of the Demon crate is the parts list with a run-down of everything included in the unique box.

Into the Small Boxes

After removing everything in the trunk liner and removing the large foam piece itself, the owner of Demon #310 goes through all of the small boxes at the bottom of the crate.

Demon Crate Boxes

Included in this section are the HVAC vent with the serial number and owner’s name, the 840-horsepower PCM, the new center stack switch panel with the race gas button, the Demon-branded impact gun, the huge K&N filter and the rest of the features.

Demon Crate Vent

The odds are good that you’ll never get to unpack a Demon crate, but thanks to this video, we all know what the crate looks like when it arrives and what all is included in the high performance package.

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