Dodge Challenger Scat Pack Battles Slick Track with Nitto Drag Radials: Drag Day Tuesday Presented by Nitto NT555 G2 Tire

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Tuned 392 Hemi helps this Dodge Challenger rocket down the poorly-prepped track in the mid-12s.

This collection of Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack taking on all sorts of competitors comes to us from the big_bluehellcat16 YouTube channel, run by Sam Chapa. While this YouTuber now has a built Hellcat, back in 2015, he was driving and racing a lightly-modified R/T Scat Pack Challenger. He took that tuned Scat Pack to the 2015 Lonestar Mopar Fest and he made nine runs – all of which are shown in the video above.

Sam Chapa’s Scat Pack

Back in 2015, Sam Chapa was racing a 2015 Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack with some basic modifications. The car had a cold air intake, long-tube headers, an engine tune and a set of stick Nitto 555R drag radial tires, so it had more power than stock – and it had the ability to put that power to the ground.

Chaps Challenger Scat Pack Front

Unfortunately, when Chapa and his Challenger hit the track for their first run at the 2015 Lonestar Mopar Fest, he quickly learned that track prep had been saved for another day. The slick track made launching a challenge, but he was still able to run solid numbers and win a handful of races against other Mopar performance vehicles.

The Racing Action

The first race in the video above shows Chapa’s Challenger Scat Pack taking on a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8. We can see that the all-wheel-drive SUV doesn’t have much of a problem with the track, blasting away from the starting line while the Challenger roasted the rear tires.

Chapa Challenger Scat Pack on Track

After that first race, the white Scat Pack blasted through a series of big wins, running in the mid-12-second range and beating a list of competitors that included a variety of Challengers and Chargers. Many of the runs result in closes finishes, but Chapa’s Scat Pack put on a solid show at the Texas Mopar event.

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