Who’s in the Mood for a Hellcat-Powered Toyota Prius?

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If the build is completed the right way, this 707-horsepower Prius Hellcat could be the world’s baddest sleeper.

A passion for all things on wheels unites gearheads of all backgrounds. While we may not always (or ever) agree on anything, we should always appreciate someone’s special project. That being said, it doesn’t get more special than a Hellcat-powered Toyota Prius.

Toyota Prius Hellcat swap

The folks at American Racing Headers possess a wild imagination and a large budget for developing wacky custom cars. This video posted to their Facebook page shows a progress update of their cool hot rod. As you can see, they’ve fabricated tons of custom metal on this build. They mean business with this ride.

Now, judging by the heavy duty roll cage, fuel cell and other bits, we’re not sure if this will be a track-only kind of ride or if it will see public roads. Personally, we think that if done right, this could make one of the baddest sleepers in the land. Just imagine pulling up to a stock-ish looking Prius at a stop light only to be smoked by the roar of 707 American ponies!


Got a better idea for a Hellcat swap? Talk about it on the Forums.


Regardless of what some folks in the video’s comments section say, we find it freaking awesome.

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