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Introduce Yourself Here!

2nd Gen Neon 2000 - 2005 2nd Gen Neon

Introduce Yourself Here!


Old 01-03-2007, 04:28 PM
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Default Introduce Yourself Here!

Due to popular demand I've decided to create an Introduction thread. This thread is intended so everyone can get to know each other a little better so we can be more of a "community" (sentimental I know). Anyway, use this thread to give your real name if you want, some details about yourself, what year Neon you drive, and what kind of mods you have done, or want to do to your car.

You can post pictures if you want, but you will still have the 500kb limit...Also, if you intend on posting more than one picture in this thread simply create a photo gallery. If you dont know how to create a photo gallery, just follow the instructions in this link:

Anyway, I'll start things off. My name is Jared and i'm 19 years old, I live in Ohio and attend Bowling Green State University. I drive a 2003 Dodge Neon R/T and most of my mods are listed in my sig...I'm also the 2nd Gen Neon Section moderator so come to me with questions or problems...

Last but not least, here are a few crappy pics of the yellow R/T beast...

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Old 01-03-2007, 05:44 PM
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Default RE: Introduce Yourself Here!

yes first to post here!!!!

My name is Mike as you can probably tell i'm 19 and im from central jersey. i go to Rutgers and if you have a problem with that ill kill you lol.

i drive an 04 Neon SXT soon to be containing a new super duper fast engine. i have the basic mods. intake exhaust motor mounts and the such. i don't really feel like listing them all but whatever. heres some pics:

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Old 01-03-2007, 06:26 PM
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Default RE: Introduce Yourself Here!

Hi, my name is Nick, Im 22, married.............. have two kids (3 year old and 4mth old)
Live in a small town called Poway just outside of sunny San Diego. I design Plumbing Systems for a living and on the side help run a automotive graphics company.

I love the BEST team in football!!! GO CHARGERS!!! SUPERBOWL TIME!!!

I have a 2003 Neon SE ( AKA= P.O.S) with normal mods.... CAI, header, full exhaust. I just finished putting in a new motor, so now i have a spare to do a complete turbo build... just got to get that tax return to start it!

Well thats it, here is a pic from When i was in michigan in the snow.... one of the front of the car. My 3 year old, and one of the family a year ago!!!

ahhh, it didnt do the pics.... oh well i put them in my gallery!!!

look forward to meeting everyone else!!!
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Old 01-03-2007, 06:53 PM
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Default RE: Introduce Yourself Here!

Well its a good start so far, lets keep it going!
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Old 01-03-2007, 07:20 PM
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Default RE: Introduce Yourself Here!

Im Duncan. I am from Valhalla Beach, Manitoba, Canada. I am 16 years old, turning 17 on the 18th of this month. I drive a 2005 Dodge SX2.0 Sport ( Canadian Variant of the Dodge Neon SXT ) , and have a 1973 Pontiac Ventura 350 BB (BIG project) . I am a big time hockey player for a small town called Riverton , and have won the league 3 consecutive times, and won the province 2 times in a row. I also ref hockey as i have my level 2 Hockey Canada Endorsment. I also play guitar and i am the lead singer of my band "The Audiosexuals" ( look that up on urban dictionary ) . Spare time, when i have any, belongs to bettering my music, and dodge forum.



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Old 01-03-2007, 11:07 PM
04 mo neon
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Default RE: Introduce Yourself Here!

Ok, first off my name Eric. I go by the screen name "04 MO NEON". I am 18, 19 in 5 months and I drive a 2004 dodge neon sxt, with the electric blue paint and a sport appearance package.
Also I'm from Columbia, Mo, home of the MU tigers and pretty much the coolest city in Missouri.

Now for some background information, I bought this car new off the lot when I just turned 16 and new nothing about cars. The only thing I got right was the paint which is freaking sweet. If I had been into cars like I am now I would have probably bought a srt-4 and thought I was hot ****, but looking back on it I'm kind of glad that things turned out the way they did. I got into the sport compact world for the most part b/c my best friends where in it. On has driven a civic pretty much and the other a Toyota supra 89 N/A fully rebuilt. So once I went out and saw what street racing was all about, from that point I was hooked. Plus seeing a twin turbo track ready 600 rwhp rx7 (round style) and a sleeper 450 all whp gallant vr4 race was pretty much the coolest street race I've ever seen and couldn't stop after witnessing that. Gallant won by the way, no traction for the rx7.

My attitude towards street racing is this, I have fun but I don’t but endanger people who don't want to be. Meaning yeah I'll speed but only for short distance and in areas where there is low risk of getting hurt. Pretty much I don't drive stupid. PERIOD
This is why I have yet to get in an accident or get a speeding ticket. Have gotten a trespassing ticket though, which was total BS.

Currently I am attending Kansas State University, and I am studying for a master’s degree in architecture. Only 9 more semester lol. I love architecture and I already know that 5 years are going to go by FAST. GO STATE!
Being a college student and the fact that what I plan on doing next for my car requires a lot of money, I will probably have to wait 2-3year before I really get into the good stuff but maybe some rims and tires, plus coil-over's will be what’s next for me.
Back to college though, I love being in college and that is what I am pretty much about, no girl yet, but I'm working on that. Kind of hard to find one to when you spend 40 hours a week in studio (main class for architecture where we learn about architecture and draw and build models) it makes things a little more say challenging. I actually think that the reason I'm in architecture is the same reason I like cars, b/c design what both are about. I like clean lines and that actually can be seen both in what I design architecturally and how I modify my car.

Some more information about me as a person would be that I LOVE to play golf, I was on the high school team for my last to year of high school and we missed state twice b/c of stupid mistakes but whatever it was still fun. I also played tennis my first year but the coach was a DI*K and I quit the team. I have a sister and 2 dogs, my parents but luckily no kids yet. Whew lol. Other than that most of the time I'm either hanging out with my friend’s street racing, playing pool, playing CS, in class or OF COURSE on! This by the way is really the best forum I have seen as far as its quality of information and people.

Ok on to my car finally. My car has one simple theme which I guarantee will eventually be fulfilled, go fast and look clean. I don't really care about winning street races but I would like to be able to beat 70% of the cars on the road and have fun by being able to top out my car with ease.

What's done to it: CAI, Engine Dress kit, Tint had 5% all the way around but parents weren't to ok so 35% it was (BS, ill get it changed back in a year or so), anyway I also have a Tusudo header, brushed aluminum front strut bar, engine dress kit, Magnaflow cat back exhaust, Depo black led taillight, Srt-4 spoiler, and clear corner lenses.

What I eventually want done to it: Mopar ground effects lip kit, remove side molding, hotckis front and rear sway bars, coil-over’s, nex-o px5's 17in rims, Goodyear eagle f1 tires, painted brake calipers, retro headlights, under glow (debating) blue, shorty antenna, 60 mm MPX Throttle body, slotted rotor all 4 with the rt/srt back rotor swap, ceramic brake pad......

....Now the engine is the biggest thing that I will do, My thought is an r/t motor and trans, completely rebuilt top and bottom ends, 20g or bigger turbo kit running 20-25 psi, stage 2 clutch, and Mega squirt running the entire show, of course there is a lot of specifics gauges, vacuum manifold etc..... But pretty much MY GOAL IS 300 FWHP AND 0 RWHP. Which I think is pretty achievable.

Well I guess All that is left is some pics and my final thoughts. My goal is to have 3 neon’s, 1st one being my current car with what I've said, another one for everyday driving with a swapped srt-4 motor and most ever carbon fiber component carbonbydesign sells, and the electric blue color. Also it will look like a srt-4, and finally a srt-4 that I will have bored to 2.6 and twin turbo, and I will try my heart out to reach the 1000 hp mark, of course this will only be for track and VERY limited street use. Hopefully by 35 I’ll have that accomplished lol.

Here are some pictures of my car as it looks now, for more pics look at my car on car domain, I will hopefully have ALL the pics and updates by the end of the month so don't get down on my right now b/c their are very few and less up to date pics than I currently am showing you.

Last but not least, I love being a member of this forum and hope to see more people join this site. +1 for the neon.
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Old 01-04-2007, 12:49 AM
Ix Elit3 xI
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Default RE: Introduce Yourself Here!

My name is Dustin I am 17, turning legal in 6 months. I live in Lebanon, MO (the sh*ttiest sh*t hole in MO.)I dont have a neon yet but im looking into a blue sxt like 04 MO Neon's. I need to correct you on one thing. Blue springs, a kansas city suburb is the coolest city in Missouri. Its been one hell of a ride learning all sorts of new stuff i never thought existed hehe. Well hopefully I can get enough money for my neon towards this summer. thats about it on my end until i get my car.

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Old 01-04-2007, 02:36 AM
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Default RE: Introduce Yourself Here!

Wow I guess I am #3 here from Missouri. My name is jason I am 30 and I live in simco, MO (I think the smallest town in missouri, I can see both town signs from my front yard). When my son was about 1yr old I realized I needed a 4 door car and the neon seemed to be a good choice. For now the only mods I have done to my 05 SXT are a CAI and dropped it with some Skunk2 springs, hope to get more done if I can ever find the time.

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Old 01-04-2007, 04:21 AM
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Default RE: Introduce Yourself Here!

Nice to meet you Jared! My name is Jerry and I'm 39 and 11/12th (that means my birthday is next month ). Anyway, I have a 2001 R/T, black, no mods yet, just got it last month, has just over 60k miles on it. Oh I have done one mod, check out my profile (link in my sig), it's on page 2. I think you will like it. Plus I don't have the stock spoiler for an R/T, at least I haven't seen any others like it, this is what was on it when I bought it.

I live in Kannapolis NC, home of NASCAR and the Earnhardts although I'm not a fan, but I do live right down the street from where Dale Jr's grandpa is buried, ole Ralph Earnhardt himself. I know that is kind of morbid, but hey, if all Kannapolis can muster is a tourist trap called the Dale Trail (for Dale Sr) and it has a stop at his daddy's grave who am I to argue with that!

So far I have learned quite a bit about Neons since my purchase and look forward to learning more about modding and maintenance on what I hope will someday be a classic! Not necessarily mine but Neons in general So when does a car become a classic? 25 years? So in 2026 I will be sittin pretty. Can you imagine a 60 year old driving around in a 2001 neon?


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Old 01-04-2007, 04:23 PM
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Default RE: Introduce Yourself Here!

My name is Kevin, and i'm a boost-a-holic... lol

Anyway... 29 years old, married, baby coming in 2 months.Living in Honolulu, HI now, originally from Massachusetts. Been fiddlin' with cars for almost 14 years now. I've owned all types of cars from an olds 442 to saab turbos to BMW's. I'm here due to once owning 3 neons...

First purchase was an 03 neon bought brand new in June of 2003... Modded it N/A for a while and put down 120whp and 126wtq and ran a 15.9 @ 86mph. Recently got rid of the car, but the car made 219whp and 244wtq at 10psi. No track runs on the turbo set-up.

2003 SXT-t

2nd purchase was a 2001 ACR Turbo. A buddy of mine rolled it over and bought it back from the insurance company. Bought the whole car minus the turbo/manifold/oil pan for $550. Bought it mainly for the Magnum head to swap on my SXT, but used alot of other things like Walbro, ruturn line, fittings, etc...

2001 ACR Turbo

Third purchase was a 98 Plymouth neon, base model. Bought the car off a friend of mine that needed room. His wife thought 4 neons was too much. Picked it up with 98,000 miles on it for $500. Car was an automatic rental in its first life. When i got it was a 5 speed daily driver. This car was the best mod i bought for my SXT-t. lol Mods included a Hot air intake, automatic TB, solid mounts, and EGR block off. Car ran 15.8 at 84mph... car was pretty quick and surprised many. After stripping it it weighed 2560lbs with me in it.

1998 Plymouth Neon


I currently have no neons now... will build something in the future. Probably a 1st gen this time.


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