The 287 crew...

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Default The 287 crew...

I think im going to start another club. right here and now mostly for the reference and to what we can do with our 287 or 4.7l as we commonly call them. we can share ideas and what we have done to our trucks. similar to the hemi club or the other clubs. this one is for us smaller engine packs a big punch guys....oefootball i know you got a good list to start it off with what mods can be done to our ill take founder....who wants in....
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I guess so

NO on the throttle body spacers. They are meant for a carburetor motor. I would recommend

1. Ported Throttle Body

2. Cheap things like E-Fan, and a new Y pipe. TMR mod is free do it. (use the search function)

3. Headers, only option is shorties for the 4.7

4. I would then do Superships. I am not sure how much difference you would see being a stick and although they do do SOME motor tuning. They focus on the Trany

5. If thats not enough Gears, (The gear choice will depend on what size tire you are going to run most likely a 4.10 or 4.56)

6.2008 H/o intake manifold

7. Under Drive Pulley

8. Then a Torque convertor

9. Then Ported and polished heads
-While you are doing this you might as well do cams, high lifting springs and all those goodies

10. CAMS
-KRC is now offering full billet cams with LSA ranging from 116 to 106

11. Now that you have a cam and new heads you are going to need a custom tune. I would only recommend one tuner for the 4.7 Hemifever

12. For you custom tune you will need a wide band gauge and maybe a couple others to get the info he will need to tune you correctly.

13. If this truck is still not enough for you I would look into a lowering kit to run smaller tires

14. At this point if you still need more the only option is to leave the world of N/A, and at this point you have 3 options
1. NOS-has been run on a 4.7 before that ran good times
2. Turbo charge, KRC is selling a kit with everything you need 2-3k
3. Supercharge, you will be hard pressed to find one. They made one
years ago for the 4.7 but discontinued it. You will see them come up
for sale every now and again.

This list is just my opinion over what I have heard, learned, and witnessed working over the years. If I am not clear or you got any questions post it up!

Member 287 please
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ill start with what i use in my 4.7l....i have a superchips tuner 3865 on 91 performance tune running 93 octane...i have a velocity intake bought here....( have a homemade power wire...flowmaster 40 series exhaust si/do....future mods include e-fan, 08 intake manifold, new y-pipe, tq converter, and possibly sure theres more but i gotta do em when i can afford it...thanks oe...i know you'll help gonna try and get a few of the others that have modded theres alot more than we have....

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I have in the order I did them:
K&N FIPK 77 Intake was good for some awesome sound but little power gain
Gibson Extreme Dual side swept catback Exhaust, again great sound and decent little boost in power.
Gibson Shorty headers these in combo with the intake/exhaust was little change in sound but made the truck feel little more kick merging and passing on the highway,, noticeable feel in the but dyno..
Then did Superchips 3815 on a 91Tune , Changed the engine sound and feel completely,, engine made much less drone at certain speeds and had a nice butt dyno feel with the firmer shifts and extra 21.9 claimed horepower was definatly felt..
Most recent performance mod and by far my favourite to date would have to be my Detroit Tru Trac and my motive 4.56Gear set..
This made the truck feel better then any othr mod hands down, according to superchips ( i know its not 100% accurate just gives a baseline to work off of) it shaved a 0.4second off my 1/4mile alone with gears..

Other mods I have are just cosmetic and for both hemis and 287s so not worth mentioning...
Next on my list is definatly a 2008manifold with new Throttle body along side a wide band and SCT HemiFever Tune...
I think with those added to the mix the truck should be good for some passes in the 14's. Its a Reg Cab short box....
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not bad 02 i was not aware of the things youve had done ....very nice setup....
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Very nice..I'm in. I would love to learn about some of the things to help make some go fast parts on here. Unfortunately, I don't have any mods just yet, but I will be soon. Like you Jay, I gotta kind of wait til the funds become available. I think this is a great idea.
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Im in, i like this club. i have a few mods but nothing too crazy. pretty tastefully done IMHO.

1. 2/5 drop
2. K&N CAI
3. Magnaflow Cat-back Exhaust
4. Black Windows
5. Tonneau Cover
6. Custom rear bumper with back up sensors
7. Rockford Fosgate door speakers (i blew my stock set up)

Future Mods
1. Subs of some kind
2. New tint cus my chits turning purple on me
3. Programmer of some kind
4. HID kit
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I have 4.56 gear, and a CAI.

I had in my possession
- Y pipe
- 3865 SC
- Gibson shorties
- E cut out

I needed money and had to move them all. I would like to atleast get a 3815 again. And headers too, i hear they help out low end.
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I just got my truck yesterday. Scheduled to get leveled tomorrow afternoon. Have a set of Helo 791 17s coming via UPS and gonna sit some 33 Nitto Mud Graps on them for now, eventually going to the Trail Graps. Already planning for the K&N, Superchip, and an HID. Haven't decided just how much I wanna dig into it as I'm not very mechanical at ALL!
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Im in!!!!!

No real mods yet reall, unless some 4in PVC and a 40series counts


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