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Ford 6.2L power numbers are out


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Default many new vehicles have you bought from a dealership?

the majority of half ton truck buyers arent going to want to deal with a light duty diesel and the current cummins is too heavy for the 1500...and expensive. diesels are only better than gas trucks if youre towing or hauling tons of weight.

As for the 6.2, the version that the F150 gets makes 411/434...the version in the super doody makes 385/405...and initially, the half ton 6.2 was only available in the raptor and HD its available in some of the other trimlines but it is an expensive option.
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My post was more of a, "If I wanted to buy a truck based off HP numbers alone, I would buy an SRT model Ram" if they ever even make them anymore. I don't really think 27 horsepower is gunna make my decision over what HD truck I buy.
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Nope. Ford has made the 6.2L hard to buy since it only comes in limited configurations. It will be awhile before longevity of this stressed combination can be proven. Ford is bad about releasing engines without enough real world testing. Examples, 97-02 4.6L and 5.4L only had 4 threads holding the sparkplugs in the heads. Plug blowouts are quite common. They didn't add the extra 4 threads until the mid 03 model year. Then in 04, the new 3V 5.4L was released. The spark plug design was different but terrible. The plugs seized in the heads and broke off. They also had a big problem with the cam phasers the put the cam timing out of whack and made them sound like diesels. Took 2 years to fix this issue. Then there is the 6.0L Powerstroke that was a grenade waiting to go off. Took over 2 years to fix this issue. Time will tell what issues will show up on the Eco-Boost. I can guarantee, these will be very difficult and costly to work on down the road.
I have owned Fords for over 25yrs. I'm not a Ford hater. I own 3 Fords and 3 Dodges. No bias here, but Ford's track record with new engines is not very good in their trucks since the 90's.

Thanks to the EPA, there will probably never be a diesel in a 1/2 ton truck. They keep choking down the ones used in the 3/4ton + now. They could get a lot better mpg if the EPA didn't keep making them add more and more crap.

It's amazing that Dodge/Cummins is able to get 800lb/ft from the 6.7L HO coming soon.

The EPA wants us all to drive a Prius.
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Go on to hypertech's website and look at the dyno charts, the 5.7l hemi puts more power to the ground through out the curve, plus I have never seen such a wild torque curve, and I don't mean that in a good way.
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the majority of half ton truck buyers arent going to want to deal with a light duty diesel and the current cummins is too heavy for the 1500...and expensive. diesels are only better than gas trucks if youre towing or hauling tons of weight.
Ha, Thats really funny.
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Originally Posted by PurplDodge View Post
I dont care what the MPG is while towing. Its gonna suck no matter what the engine is.

Diesel > Gas anyway. Why doesnt truck manufacturers recongnize that? If Dodge put a 4 cyl Cummins diesel that put out 420 ft lbs and got 25 MPG on a bad day and backed it with god's gift to to automotive enthusiusts, the manual transmission, I'd buy it.
amen brother!
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