DSC_0511.JPGThe Dodge Journey is the fourth most popular vehicle in the
    United States, moving over 18,000 units through the first three months of 2012
    and the sporty crossover is seeing similar success in Europe – where it is sold
    as the Fiat Freemont.  During the first
    quarter of 2012, Fiat has sold 6,498 Freemonts and while that is much lower
    than the number of Journeys sold in the US, the company is on pace to hit the
    sales projection of 30,000 units for the year.

    The Chrysler Group has rebadged three vehicles originally
    intended for the North American market with the Chrysler 300 and the Chrysler
    Town & Country joining the Dodge Journey in Europe under other names.  The 300 sedan is known as the Lancia Thema
    oversees while the Chrysler minivan is called the Lancia Grand Voyager.  Unfortunately for Lancia, the Thema and Grand Voyager are
    not doing as well as the Fiat Freemont due to a variety of reasons. 

    The main reason hurting the Thema and Grand
    Voyager are the high prices, with the pair of converted Chrysler products both
    being marketed as expensive luxury models (both around 40,000 Euros/$51,000
    USD) while the Fiat Freemont starts around 23,900 Euros ($30,400 USD).  When you combine these high prices with the
    economy crunch in Europe right now – which has had a massive impact on the
    Italian auto market that makes up most of Lancia’s business – it is no surprise
    that these high end models aren’t selling well.

    However, for the Dodge Journey turned Fiat Freemont, things
    are going very well as customers around Europe are quick to snatch up the
    sporty, versatile crossover utility vehicle.