Black Friday: 2g Ram 3500 Gets Its Pull On

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2g ram ctd pulling 600

While there are plenty of Cummins Ram owners who spend big money to make their heavy duty pickups as fast (if not faster) than some of the world’s quickest sports cars, the Cummins Turbo Diesel engine is designed to work and part of that work is pulling.  The most popular motorsport for those diesel owners who are interested in showing off their trucks’ muscles is pulling and this week’s Black Friday feature takes a look at an obviously modified 2g Ram 3500 as it tears down the pulling course.

As you might expect, this hard work is accompanied by a whole lot of thick, black diesel soot as this Cummins Ram effortlessly hauls the moving sled down the dirt track.  I cannot read the digital board to the left of the flagman but when you consider how close this Ram seems to be to the turn at the end of the straight away, I would imagine that this has to be pretty darn close to a full pull.  Even if it isnt, he made a ton of black smoke in the process and that is what Black Friday is all about!

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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